Improve Your Running provides tools and metrics to help you gauge your running performance across events, seasons and your whole running journey.

Event Metrics

We provide a comprehensive collection of data for popular North American running races, ranging from 5k's to marathons. Each race is rated using a variety of metrics, all presented with interactive charts for easy exploration.

It's a valuable resource for competive runners and event enthusiasts looking to find the right race for their preferences and goals.

Race Analyzer

Visualize and Compare Race Performance

See how you stack up against other runners, whether they're your friends or race leaders. Our Race Analyzer allows you to compare your race performance with other runners.

Enter your bib number to generate your performance chart. Try it now to track your progress and set new goals!"


Level up your runs with our insightful calculators.

Refine your pacing strategies with the Interactive Pace Calculator, considering both distance and time, along with various tactics. Compare running performance across ages and genders with the Age and Gender Calculator. Aim for optimal paces in different distances with the Cross Distance Calculator. Finally, set clear training targets for various intensities and distances with the Training Target Calculator.