Marathon SSQ Levis-Quebec
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2018 marked a change in the course, from a point to point course, to a loop. The race now stays in the city of Quebec, where participants get to run by many of the city's famous and historic land marks. The early October date also coincides with best time to experience the fall colors. This is an event not to be missed.

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The age group with the fatest times for women is 30-39 and for men is 20-29.


The average winning time for women is 00:19:05 and for men it is 00:16:04.


The age group with the most female participants is 40-49 accounting for 15.7% of the total. The male age group with the most participants is 1-14 making up 8.8% of the total.


On average (see 50th percentile) women complete this race in a time of 00:35:24, while men finish in a time of 00:30:24.


Roughly 17% of runners that complete this 5k race return to run it again in the following year. On average, for a 5k race, 17% of runners return.

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